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Welcome to Scott Capital

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will look around and get a feel for the value we can provide you and your organization. Our clients learn quickly that to invest in our organization is an investment in yours.

We are not your typical organization. In fact, we only exist because we have a passion for enterprise and building successful businesses. Scott Capital started long before our incorporation; it began when we were intrigued by our first business, marketing, and sales experiences. Along the way, many opportunities and interactions facilitated the realization that business is not always “common sense” as some might think. We soon realized by building our own successful businesses  and working with others (simply out of our desire to be involved in growing successful businesses) that there is a need for our service, knowledge, and abnormal perspectives. It was at this realization that we founded Scott Capital to collaborate with businesses to enable these businesses to realize their own potential and provide realistic and affordable business solutions as a consultant in St. Louis.

Our approach is different from many consultants in St. Louis you may have talked with or the business consultant you will speak to in the future. Our philosophy is not derived from, “it worked for me” thinking; instead, we combine our own experience, the experience of others, and peer-reviewed research to work through complex problems, simplify complex ideas, and establish individualized solutions for our clients. Most notably, you will notice the emphasis that we place on a few of our core axioms, (a) integration, (b) cross-functioning, (c) structural framework, (d) culture, and (e) service-dominant logic . More information is provided on these terms throughout our website and literature, but in summary, nothing in business is independent. Dichotomy is hard to find; it is necessary to establish a perspective that views the interdependence of many business functions dealt with daily, and this is easily accomplished with the outside view of a business consultant.

Here is all you need to know about Scott Capital . Depending on your needs we are a business consultant, marketing consultant, sales consultant, or perhaps your healthcare consultant . We were founded on passion and enthusiasm. We did not decide to create a company to generate as much capital accumulation as possible; though we enjoy collaboration with that end-result. We had a realization of the significance of what we knew, what we had done, and the feedback we received from associates, employees, peers and strategic partners. When we sat down with potential clients and fellow business professionals we consistently and frequently received the same responses. The responses we heard about our ideas, processes, and creations were positive. The feedback we receive was so positive that we understood the potential of sharing our capabilities, philosophy, and tactics and the value this would provide to other organizations. With this understanding, we decided to make our knowledge, insight, and motivation accessible to others at a price that will receive, not-so-positive, responses from other St. Louis consultants and St. Louis consulting firms.

Scott Capital retains only a small number of clients at any given time for a few reasons; (1) we own and operate many of our own successful businesses, (2) we work with others because it is a passion not our livelihood, and (3) we believe in providing quality dense services that cannot be achieved by the St. Louis consultant that seeks a large client load. Moreover, we believe in building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We welcome the opportunity to add to our current work when available. You can contact us to request more information and check our current availability.

A good consulting relationship requires strategic insight, technical skill, resource attainability, work ethic and a high level of trust.  You need all of these elements to be successful; therefore, we encourage you to get to know us before you decide whether we are the right partner for your organization.

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Scott Healthcare Partners started in the healthcare industry but serves a variety of small and medium size businesses with our business consulting and marketing consulting services. We provide strategic planning, sales consulting, marketing consulting, and general business consulting to organization in St. Louis, Missouri and across the United States.

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